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Hanging Ducks & Dead Pinata


Hanging Ducks & Dead Pinata

I love photographing in Chinatown. The light is beautiful and there are so many shapes and colors.  Many of the storefronts feature Hanging Ducks which I like to draw but would never eat.  Piñata Alley in DTLA is another colorful place that is fun to capture.  I love being surrounded by so many Dead Piñatas. I can’t wait for my next birthday.

I See Beauty in Everything!

I almost do mean that literally.  It’s one of my strengths.  I have an ability to find something in common with anyone, to see the potential that is just beginning to develop, to be aware of the possibilities, to see beyond what is in my presence, my history, my demons, and, the forethought to take the time to reflect ; to see the beauty in everything.

"Abstract in Blue and Grey", 2015
“Abstract in Blue and Grey”, 2015