My World – Welcome

"Waving Kitty in Boyle Heights", 2015
“Waving Kitty in Boyle Heights”, 2015

I’m not a native to Southern California – born and raised in the garden part of New Jersey – moving to Los Angeles in the mid 1970’s.   I was just turning thirteen.  A hard age to invent oneself in a new land.

For many years,  I declared loudly my desire to move out of LA.  This is no longer the case; now, I LOVE LA.  I embrace it’s “bigness”.  I’m delighted by it’s character(s).  I revel knowing how each step in this city opens up endless possibilities. I’m a connoisseur of the slight change in the plumb of sidewalk and alley urine.  I love how cultures collide and remix into something new, something to be seen, something to capture.

My fingers itch when I’m on the streets.