4 UTE – I LOVE LA Photo Series

I LOVE LA Photo Series (30 Photos)

“Noir in Day”, Pinata Alley, 2016
“Alien Abstract”, 2015
Three Balls, Pershing Square
“Sidewalk in Blue”, DTLA, 2015
“Blue Face Pink Hair”, Hollywood, 2016
"Chinatown Blue Glass", 2015 - Chinatown
“Window in Blue”, 2015 – Chinatown
“Grey with Yellow”, DTLA 2016
“Ghostly Image, Cesar Chavez Blvd, 2015
“This is Not My Shadow”, Korea Town, 2015
“Cultural Remix”, Cesar Chavez Blvd, 2015
“Face with Green”, 2015
Deconstruction on Fairfax Blvd. Los Angeles, Papers in Wind Creating Face
“Face on Fairfax”, 2015
Street Typography in Red, Pink, White and Black
“Pink Text”, Boyle Heights, 2014
Blue Writing, Beverly Blvd, 2015
“He Dumpster”, Art’s District, 2015
“Food Desert”, Atlantic Blvd, Boyle Heights, 2015
“Trapped in Hollywood”, Vine Street, 2014
“Burritos”, DTLA, 2015
Photo of a Pizza Restaurant in Hollywood with Jesus in Blue
“Pizza Jesus”, Hollywood”, 2015
“Man with Bone”, DTLA 2014
“Waiting Area” or “Square with Bench”, Atlantic Blvd, 2015
“Mountain View”, Hollywood, 2015
“99 Cent Soap”, Atlantic Blvd, 2015
“Dog Head Man”, Spring Street, 2015
"Beds on Atlantic", 2015
“Woman on Mattress”, Atlantic Blvd, 2015
“Cups”, Near Grand Central Market”, 2014
“Bottles on Boxes”, DTLA, 2016
“Torn Awning in Brown and Blue”, Chinatown, 2015
“Wheeling Around Korea Town”, 2015
“C on Black”, DTLA 2016