This emerging page features the process that goes on in my head when I’m onto something but I’m not fully sure where it is going.  This is one of my most favorite places to hang out- the “mulling” mansion. 

Diptychs come easily to me.  I see connections fast.  I have always loved how putting two things together can create a combined image that can says more than each could have ever done individually.

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Street Photos with People This is an area that is definitely mulling.  I’m an observer of people.  My first decade of paintings were taken from drawings I had done live of people doing what they did best.  I love faces.  I love how the body moves.  On the other hand, I don’t like thinking I’m absquatulating someone’s soul when I snap. Yet, it is cool when I get an image that makes me think a bit deeper… 

"Mother and Daughter in Hollywood", 2014
“Mother and Daughter in Hollywood”, 2014
"Police and Lady in Brown", 2015 - Union Station
“Police and Lady in Brown”, 2015 – Union Station
Boy with F**k Sign and Goofy Ears with Shadow on Building in Hollywood
“F**k Boy with Goofy Ears”, 2014 – Hollywood