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Love on a Pedestal


Love on a Pedestal


It’s not always the best thing to put your love on a pedestal.  If something happens….. it can be a long way to fall.  But,  when your heart is truly connected sometimes a medium sized pedestal is the way to go.   Stand close and fully protect such a love.

Love on a Pedestal MagneticART by Cammie Jones can be purchased for your sweetheart for Valentines Day 2017 at McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World and HOOPLA!  Celebrate your love all year round!

Live Snake – Stuffed Dog

Hollywood Blvd hosts many interesting characters.  Young girls love to wrap the big live snake around their bodies.  While at the Lincoln/Cypress Metro Gold Line stop a stuffed dog (yes it was really stuffed) waits with his master for the next train to arrive. I wonder where they are going…….